Region of Waterloo Public Health - Online Prenatal Program Registration


Welcome to Region of Waterloo Public Health's Online Prenatal Program.

The course is free to use for residents of Waterloo Region. All information collected in this registration form is kept confidential. Only Public Health staff involved in the evaluation of the Online Prenatal Program will have access to your answers. Your identity will not be shared with anyone.

Please provide your email address and an access code will be sent to your email address within one business day. The access code allows you to use the Online Prenatal Program.

Only the questions with a red asterisk (*) have to be answered to register for the program. You can skip over any of the other questions. When you click "Done" your registration is complete.

1. Do you live in Waterloo Region?
2. What is your email address?
3. What month and year is your due date? 

If you are not yet pregnant, you can leave this blank. 
4. Can Region of Waterloo Public Health send a short feedback survey to your email address four weeks after your due date? Your feedback can help us make the program better. 
5. We would like to know more about people taking this program. Knowing who is using the program can help us to make it better. Can you take two minutes to tell us about yourself on the next page? Your responses will remain anonymous and no identifying information will be used in our reporting. Only Public Health staff involved in the evaluation will have access to your answers. You can skip any or all of the questions if you wish. Because the survey is anonymous, we cannot remove your survey data if you stop the survey.
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